Rainbow Moonstone Artemis Décolleté Love Armor

Rainbow Moonstone Artemis Décolleté Love Armor


Rainbow Moonstone Artemis “Love Armor” decorates the décolleté area of the neck and chest while wrapping around the shoulders and connecting behind the neck with a simple lobster clasp which creates a 360 degree adornment which reminds our customers of being protected in “love armor”. The dainty cable chain is 14k Gold filled with a geometric detail with a Rainbow Moonstone and Gold Pyrite hand beaded chain with 24k Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver links and a 18K Gold Vermeil dagger in the front center with Welo Opal and Mystic Black Spinel accents.

This décolleté adornment is a nice alternative to the body necklace if you do not wish to have a clasp around the waist but still desire the multiple layers look and three dimensional feel without the extra clasp.

One size. Adjustable lobster clasp behind the neck with 3 inch adjustable chain.

Matching Moonstone Hip Chain/Belt sold separately.

*Email for inquiry on custom sizing options available on select items, subject to custom pricing adjustments.

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