Founder of DAWNSTAR

Founder of DAWNSTAR

Doun Lambert

DawnStar was a manifestation from my passion to be of service to provide natural modalities to encourage self care and self love.  I began my search for natural healing modalities a few years ago which resulted in getting certified as a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Yoga Instructor, and Reflexologist.

However, all of those certifications lead me to my true passion which is helping others look and feel beautiful from the inside out. It was when I began creating natural crystal jewelry and body adornments that I discovered my creative energy, enthusiasm, and an outlet to allow it to flourish.

It makes my heart smile to create unique, high vibrational pieces and infuse each item with love and light. I select high quality natural crystals and semiprecious stones. Each item is hand crafted and one of a kind to awaken the Divine Feminine and Shakti energy within which is associated with life force, sensuality, and vitality.

Our adornments are made for the modern-day Goddess.  Shine like the "Star" you are!

For more information about crystal properties, chakras, and colors associated with the stones, please visit Crystal Properties & Chakras.